Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, 10 Cup Price: $25.99 Review

Needed way to store large pitcher of cooled water since moving to NYC apartment. This fit the bill and are very happy so far.

-Claims to filter the water which is a bonus but I can’t taste any different

-Handle has nice design and easy to carry even when full

-Very nice having cold water instead of sink water

-Really enjoy having the larger pitcher so I don’t have to refill after every drink

-Only negative, takes awhile to filter water so in order to fill the entire pitcher at one time you have to sit and wait because the top compartment does not hold enough to fill the bottom.

L’Oreal Professional Series Expert Absolut Repair Cellular with Lactic Acid, 6.7-Ounce Jar

I think this is a better product than others out there (nature’s therapy, etc). This is my favorite product that I have now bought 5x on Amazon after trying them all.

They provide similar results, but this product just leaves my dyed and damaged hair a little bit softer. I find it easier to comb and tangle free. I use it as an everyday conditioner.

– I like the texture, it’s thick. This means I use have to use less product each time.
– I prefer the smell of this product over Nature’s Therapy, whose apple scent is a bit much. This one has a slight medicinal smell
– Packaged very nicely. The nature’s therapy jar is so big. Plus the nature’s therapy is hard to handle when wet as it is very slippery

Overall, the amazon price I paid was 30 for the larger version (16.9oz).

********Beware there are cheaper ones but some claim fake products so pay the premium for amazon version

Caden K3 DSLR Camera Shoulder Case Strap Bag for Canon EOS T3i 1100D 600D 300D 500D 350D 60D 7D 5D Nikon Sony Olympus Pentax Review

Decided to try this as it looks identical to Case Logic SLRC-205 (

After some research and trials of different bags, Caden K3 Camera Sling Bag is my current favorite bag to carry my Canon 70D + 50mm Prime + 18-135 IS STM + 70-300 IS lens

It’s very easy carry this bag. It feels very light and the shoulder strap is very comfortable for awhile.

In the main compartment, I put my Canon 70D DSLR with 18-135 IS STM lens, this is tight fit but works. The difference between this and the Case Logic is the Case Logic has a sling with circle opening for camera to hang. This Caden just has room to put your camera with velcro strap on top to secure. This makes your camera less secure than the Case Logic version but I feel sufficient padding so I don’t care.

In the extra lens pocket I was able to put a Canon 70-300 IS II lens and a Canon 50mm prime lens stacked. The nice little touch about that pocket is it has an elastic band near the bottom. A nice feature is elastic band at bottom of lens case to hold it in tighter.

There is also a spare pocket for small things like memory cards, battery, filters etc. It is more accessible than the side pocket, which is blocked by the tripod holder.

There is a filter pocket. The two filter nets inside it hold 67mm filters fine, though the smaller one is better suited for a 58mm filter.

The tripod holder is a very very nice feature. I have a full-size (62″) tripod that I got on amazon and fits very nicely. There are two velcro strips to hold tripod in without the risk of losing it.

The shoulder strap is very comfortable and well padded for awhile. After having it on my shoulder for couple hours it started to get sore from the weight.

The interior padding is decent. It’s not super thick, but should be okay for minor impact.

The reason I returned Case logic was zipper quality. ONE OF THEM BROKE WITHIN 2 MINUTES OF USING. I could deal with using one, but the SECOND ONE BROKE THE NEXT DAY. I returned mine to amazon and ordered another and same thing happened after one day. The Caden version seems to have a weird alternative zipper. So far it seems to hold up much better than Case Logic so I hope this lasts and will update over time.

Overall, it’s a very well-designed bag for a small DSLR with 3 lenses (one small and 2 large). Importantly, it is in a compact design with good ergonomics and holds all the crucial items.

– Holds many essential items for daily casual shooting
– Well Built
– Well thought-out design
– Very accessible pockets
– Excellent value, $5 cheaper than Case Logic version
– Bonus! You get an orange cover that you can put the case in to keep water out if needed
– Should add the main compartment sling for DSLR like the case logic has

Differences in this vs Case Logic
-Case Logic has main compartment sling for DSLR
-Caden version seems to have a much better zipper, so far
-Caden is $5 cheaper
-Caden comes with an orange cover that you can put the case in to keep water out if needed

Purina One Classics Canned Dog Food, Lamb Grain Rice, 13-Ounce (Pack of 12) Review

We have always done dry food for our dog and wanted to add a little taste so he would keep eating this instead of always begging for human food. This really has done the trick as he loves it. Be warned that our dog now goes to bathroom 3-4x a day instead of 2x as I think this helps speed up his digestion.

Purina One isn’t the highest grade dog food, but its considered to be good. It smells good and looks healthy.

-Looks good and healthy
-Dog loves it

-Our dog goes to the bathroom more often when adding this (3-4x vs 2x with only dry food)

You can compare dog food at if interested

PoochieBells The Trusted Name in Dog Training Doorbells in Classic Peace Love Dog Design

Moved to NYC apartment and dog no longer knew how to let us know when he needed to go out. He used to scratch glass door because he could see outside. Gave this a try.

This product comes with nice large bells that are easy to hear and has plenty of length to reach even small dogs.

I am very pleased with the quality.

Tip, If you are training your dog with bells, you need to take your dog outside at regular intervals in order to show the dog that they can ring the bell first, then give a treat. This way, they learn that Bells=Treats.

My dog took a couple weeks to learn and now she is loving the fact he can get our attention to take him out when he needs to.

Poochie Bells are a very nice alternative to the frequently handmade and improvised bells at the door, which allow a dog to alert the owner of the need to go out.

Many owners have mentioned their dogs lack a voice when needing to tell them they have to potty.  Often these are the same dogs that bark up a storm when the doorbell rings or they see a person on the sidewalk, yet alerting at the most important time, eludes them.

Poochie Bells solve all those problems.  They are available in many patterns, solids and even leather.  The bells can be adjusted up or down depending on the height of your dog.

The one con was that like some children, it does take some dogs longer to pick up that others, but that is an individual learning curve and in no way the fault of the product. 

Keep in mind that with any training method, consistency by the owner is what will make it a success.  I found that taking the dogs paws and hitting the bell, followed by an immediate opening of the door, at which time I excitedly (some say downright crazy ass fashion) praise the dog, works the best.  Dogs want to please us, and if they get such a great reaction, well then, they had to have done a near miracle, right?