Levis Men’s Mitch Oxford Dress Shoes Review

           I love these shoes so far. I have gotten many compliments on these shoes, even my wife loves the look. They look great! The are very comfortable, wear them for entire day of work while walking around NYC. Quality if fairly good. Can’t beat the price of $30 on here for lightning sell but I would say regular price of 50 is still a good deal. Just wish the color options were better. I chose the grey and blue. I usually wear size 11 in sneakers. For work shoes I get 10’s and 10’s fit perfect for me in this shoe.

-Price (Got it for $30)
-Good quality

– The soles will get dirty easy because they are white
– They do fit a little big (I recommend going down at least half a size)

Nonetheless, I would recommend these shoes to a friend.

Color Options