Setting Up My Channel Logos XL- Windows Media Center HTPC Build – Part 9

I have been using my channel logos for a long time now. Its an awesome addon that is self explanatory. They have switched versions over time and I have to pay to update each time, but worth it. Plus you have lots of cool options to edit your guide with this tool which Ill show you below.

1. Download here. I choose to pay $5 with paypal

2. Run through installer

3. Open up the application. Under logos tab click on auto-populate logos on bottom right hand side. Once done you will see list and can click through each one to see logo it found. At bottom there is list of channels where it didnt find logo. You can manually add logos which is nice.

4. Under guide tab you can choose options on left hand side. The neat feature is “# of rows in the guide…”. You can play around with this, but I chose the max of 12 (In WMC this give you a giant guide listing, which I prefer. I dont care for miniguide so I left that alone. I really wish I could turn off miniguide so if you know how leave a comment please as it interferes with my channel skip commands.  When done be sure to apply changes.

5. Under settings there are more options. Here you can check for logo updates and program updates. 
6. All done! Go check out WMC!