Setting Up HDHomerun Prime Software – Windows Media Center HTPC Build – Part 8

I finally got fed up with the ceton Infinitv ETH tuner (again) and decided to go back to HDhomerun. This is a very short guide as the homerun software is very minimalistic (which I like).

NOTE: Setting up this software is very easy. However, if you have ever messed with cablecards it becomes difficult sometimes. You just gotta keep trying to find right combo of card plus correct tech who knows how to pair and activate card correctly. The tuning adapter can also be challenge so verify you have all your channels.

1. Download software here

2. Run installer for HDhomerun

  • Make sure you have already powered on device, have cablecard installed, ethernet plugged in, and tuning adapter plugged in if needed
3. Open up config and type in zip code

4. Go to application tab and choose options for applications

5. Go to tuners tab, here you should see your 3 tuners and source type of cablecard if you have installed cablecard correctly along with their status

6. Under CableCARD tab you are able to scan all your channels for each tuner and enable/disable them (you can also use WMC to do this)

7. Under Advanced their are a few options. I left everything as is

8. Now open up Config GUI and you can select each tuner, tune to a channel and verify the signal

9. This is what it looks like when selecting a channel and getting a signal

10. Now go through WMC tv setup by following guide here or I also included it below. Note this guide was made with ceton so you will see 3 hdhomerun tuners instead of the 6 with ceton

1. Basic Setup from first time you open windows media center. 

2. Display setup. 

3. I chose Flat Panel

4. Connection Type – HDMI
5. Widescreen
6. Confirm Resolution. Should say 1080p. Select Yes.

7. Finish this Wizard.

8. Setup Sound. Here is where you select your setup. I chose 5.1 surround speakers.

9. If you havent already set up Digital Cable Advisor (required for cablecard to work) go to Extras. Follow steps to Digital Cable Advisor.

10. Now TV Setup. Select your region

11. Enter your Zip Code

12. Select I agree

13. Select Yes to download data now

14. Your cable card tuners should now automatically pop up if you set up ceton software correctly. Mine shows my 6 tuners from Ceton Network 6 Tuner

15. Select Yes to activate cablecard

16. Activate cablecard

17. Now call your cable company and provide cablecard ID and Host ID so they can pair your card. This can be the hard part because most people are terrible about working with cablecards. Try to get specialist. This also might take a couple of different cablecards in order for this to work.

18. Once it is paired successfully select your TV signal Provider. I chose Phoenix Cox Communication (Digital)

19. Next to configure with  your tuners

20. Download when connected to get guide update if you havent already

21. If you are like me and use SSD to boot and a separate HDD for storage of recorded TV. WMC sets up recorded tv folder on SSD by default so you need to change this. Go to settings->TV->Recorder->Recorder Storage. Change record on drive to your HDD. In my case it was D: drive. You can set maximum TV limit if you choose. Click Save.

22. Under Settings -> Visual and Sound Effects I unchecked transition animations. This makes WMC much more reactive to remote control. Some people also say to uncheck playing sounds when navigating to prevent handshake issues. I prefer the sounds to get feedback. You can also select your Color scheme. I have tried all and right now Im back to WMC standard. Click save and go back.