Setting Up Ceton software for Ceton Cablecard Tuner – Windows Media Center HTPC Build – Part 4

HTPC Build – Part 4

UPDATE: After trying out the Ceton 6 ETH for couple months I am going back to HDHomerunPrime. I gave it a shot, but I ran into the same problems since the first version came out – missed recordings because tuner anavailable. This is getting so old Ceton, I have no idea how this hasn’t been figured out as I didn’t have it happen once in 2 years with HDHomerunPrime. We will deal with the 3 tuners in favor of stability and faster channel switching. I will be setting up the HDHomerun soon and will do a guide for that.

1. Ceton includes the ceton diagnostic software required to setup tuners before activating them in WMC. Not to get off topic but this is the same interface since I had the very first Ceton PCI 4 tuner (outdated). Can be slightly confusing and difficult to troubleshoot. I switched to the ceton network 6 tuner version from HDHOMERUN prime. The HDHOMERUN prime software is perfect, gives you 4 tabs and very minimal understanding needed to get thing running quickly (not to mention it works 100% of the time). 

2. Download ceton software here (stable). If you are interested in using the Beta drivers to use the network tuners similarly to how HDHOMERUN functions go here.

3. Open up diagnostic tool. You should see your ceton tuner at the top. Mine says Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet (00-80-96-16). You will see the driver versions listed. (For more info on getting tuning adapter working see below).

4. Under devices tab you will see checkmarks when your tuner is working succesfully. If you make changes I would recommend using the Clear Tuner Configuration and then you will have to rerun Setup TV in WMC. 

5. Under CableCARD you will see checkmarks when you have successfully activated Cablecard in WMC. Ignore my error, that channel is working in WMC. This step may take lots of time and troubleshooting to get to work along with all channels working. 

6. Under update you can see updates to software/firmware/hardware. I checked box next to beta updates since I am using beta drivers.

7. Now you are ready for activating tuners and setting them up in WMC.

8. Tuning Adapter Setup
Some will need tuning adapter if required by cable company to get all your channels. For HDHOMERUN Prime you can just plug it in and it works. With ceton it takes a bit of magic and luck. At first it didnt work because it states in directions to connect usb cable to ceton tuner. When you do that windows doesnt recognize it so under Infinitv tab you won’t see driver version. I am not sure if its required or not but I plugged usb cable into computer and I at least got driver version to show up. I then unplugged it and plugged it back into ceton tuner. To be honest, at this point it still wasnt working. I had Cox repair and send signal to tuner and adapter again and eventually got it to work. Just keep playing around until it works.