How to schedule ShowAnalyzer to run at night to avoid slowing down HTPC #1- Commercial Skip Windows 8

This is continuation of previous post on how to set up DVRMSToolBox and ShowAnalyzer to run in Windows 8. I ran into issues of SA taking up all my CPU power while running and also it seemed to launch multiple processes. I found online someone wrote cmd file to run SA on command. I took the script and created how to on scheduling to run this task when you want.


1. Download this file

2. Place the cmd file you just downloaded and put it in the Recorded TV folder you use for WMC (mine is on seperate drive, D:/Recorded TV)

3. Go to Start and type in Task Scheduler

4. Go to action and click create task, or on the right side you should be able to open up create task

5. Give name to task, I chose showanalyzer. I also chose to run with highest privaleges and to run whether logged in or not

6. Click triggers box. Click New. Set to on a schedule. Select daily and change start time to what you want, I chose 3am.

7. Click Actions box. Click New. Select start a program. Hit browse to find the ProcessShowAnalyzer cmd file you downloaded which you copied to Recorded TV folder.

8. Click conditions tab. Check Wake the computer to run this task box.

9. Leave settings default
10. Hit OK. Type in user password and hit OK. 
11. Should see your task now. You can test by rightclicking on the task and hit run.