How to schedule ShowAnalyzer to run at night to avoid slowing down HTPC #2- Commercial Skip Windows 8

This is continuation of previous post on how to set up DVRMSToolBox and ShowAnalyzer to run in Windows 8. I ran into issues of SA taking up all my CPU power while running and also it seemed to launch multiple processes.

1. Create new folder in C: drive. I named it showanalyzer.

2. Open up notepad application.

3. Type in    

start C:”Program Files (x86)””Dragon Global”ShowAnalyzerSuiteShowAnalyzerMaster.exe

4. Click File Save As

5. Name it start.cmd (make sure to include .cmd at end so you save it as command file and not .txt)

6. Go back to notepad and click File New

7. Type in

taskkill /f /im showanalyzer*

 (/f is force command, /im is to select name of process, and the * at the end is used to end all process starting with showanalyzer)

8. Click File Save As

9. Name it stop.cmd

10. For some reason you need administrative privaleges to run the stop command. In order to get around this make a shortcut by right clicking on stop.cmd and selecting Create Shortcut

11. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties

12. Click advanced under shortcut tab

13. Check Run as Administrator Box

14. Now to create the tasks to run at night. Open Task Scheduler

15. Click on Create Task…

16. Name it start sa and check run with highest privaleges

17. Under Triggers click New. Create the schedule you desire to run showanalyzer. I selected every day at 2AM.

18. Under Actions click New. Find where the start.cmd you created

19. Under Conditions check the box Wake the computer to run this task

20. Under settings you can leave alone. I selected to stop running task if it runs longer than 4 hours but I am not sure if this matters. Click OK

 21. Now Create another new task and name it stop sa. Again run with highest privaleges

22. Under Triggers select schedule to stop showanalyzer. This will depend on how many shows you record nightly. It took my computer about 10 minutes to strip commercials out of 2 concurrent tv shows so I doubled that and figured it would take 25 minutes at max to analyze 4 shows. I would recommend running showanalyzer manually and see how long it takes and find a sweet spot so you get all the shows analyzed everynight. I chose to end at 2:30AM everyday.

23. Under Actions click New. Find and select the stop – shortcut you created. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE SHORTCUT SO IT RUNS AS ADMINISTRATOR.

24. Under Conditions I chose to start the task if its idle for 5 minutes so it wont stop showanalyzer in middle of working. I said idle time is 30 minutes. I then checked Stop if the computer ceases to be idle and Restart if the idle state resumes. I also checked Wake the computer to run this task in case computer goes to sleep before process is stopped. (helps prevent showanalyzer running during day)

25. Under Settings I again chose to stop task if longer than 4 hours.

26. All done. Go back to Task Scheduler screen and test out each command. I would open up Task Manager and watch for ShowAnalyzer and ShowAnalyzer Master under processes. They should start up with start command and disappear with stop command.