How to install DDWRT on Netgear R7000 AC1900 Night Hawk Router

1. Log in to Netgear router with

  • login: admin
  • password: password
2. Download proper files from here or click links below for shortcuts
  • Initial file here (chk r7000 file)
  • Second file here (currently latest release is r23655) Check forums for which release is stable
3. Go to Advanced Tab/Administration/Firmware Upgrade
  • First upload r7000.chk file
  • Allow time for router to reboot
4. Do the 30/30/30 reset 
5. Login to router again with
6. Go to firmware update within DDWRT and select .bin file you downloaded
  • Allow time for router to reboot
7. Repeat 30/30/30 reset 
8. Log in to router and you have DDWRT installed!
  1. You are a tool.

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  3. Does this disable the NSA key loggers installed in this device?

  4. How to install DDWRT on Netgear R7000 AC1900 Night Hawk Router. 1. Log in to Netgear router with login: admin; password: …

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