How to get Remote/Local Wake On Lan working DDWRT (Asus N66U router)

To save people the trouble of what I went through for the past 24 hours of trying to get WOL to work I decided to create a guide.

1. First, set computer to have a static IP address. Go to Services in DDWRT

  • Fill in MAC address, Hostname, and local IP Address under static leases as shown below. Hit Save and Apply Settings

2. Make sure WOL is enabled on PC and bios

Taken from Lifehacker

Taken from Lifehacker

3. Its much easier to test this locally on wifi first and then continue on to remote WOL
I recommend installing FING ( for iphone as its super easy to use for local WOL, turn on computer and scan on Fing, it will find your computer and if you click on it at bottom you can select Wake On Lan (make sure this works)

4. Continue on with guide below to set up remote WOL.
Write down MAC address for computer/server and download SimpleWoL( for the iphone. Type in Host(either sign up for dyndns or know your external IP address, I just use my domain I received for free from Windows Home Server 2011 ex Type in MAC address of computer that you wrote down, port number is whatever you set up but I use standard 9. 
5. Login to DDWRT router
6. Go to NAT/QoS -> Port Forwarding. Fill in the information below and hit save -> apply settings
7. Go to Administration -> Commands and copy/paste “arp -i br0 -s FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF” into commands box, then hit SAVE STARTUP.
8. Reboot Router and Restart Server/Computer that you are wanting to wake up to make sure static IP is set.
9. Hit wake up to test (you must make sure you turn off wifi on iphone when testing last part otherwise its just the local test and not remote WOL).