Levis Men’s Mitch Oxford Dress Shoes Review

           I love these shoes so far. I have gotten many compliments on these shoes, even my wife loves the look. They look great! The are very comfortable, wear them for entire day of work while walking around NYC. Quality if fairly good. Can’t beat the price of $30 on here for lightning sell but I would say regular price of 50 is still a good deal. Just wish the color options were better. I chose the grey and blue. I usually wear size 11 in sneakers. For work shoes I get 10’s and 10’s fit perfect for me in this shoe.

-Price (Got it for $30)
-Good quality

– The soles will get dirty easy because they are white
– They do fit a little big (I recommend going down at least half a size)

Nonetheless, I would recommend these shoes to a friend.

Color Options

Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black) Review

Upgraded to this from Nike Fuelband


  • Easy to setup
  • So much potential
  • Number of apps and watchfaces increasing by the day
  • Absolutely love the notifications on my watch instead of having to pull phone out to check (also a con, see below)
  • Battery life
  • Waterproof – so far so good in shower and pool
  • Integration with runkeeper


  • Still early in development
  • Its a very well known issue but notifications sometimes (understatement) drop from IOS (Deleted space like the recommend and try and clear background apps but still have issues with getting all notifications – IOS 7.04 Jailbroken)
  • No activity monitor/pedometer integrated without having to be in exclusive app or companion running on phone

Final Point
Lots of potential but I would wait until they integrate sensor on board in newer models. I returned mine due to the fact that their are no sensors, the notifications stopped working almost everyday. I moved on to a fitbit, but looking forward to the Apple iWatch!

Coolerguys 120mm USB Fan with Cabinet Mounting Bracket Review

Coolerguys 120mm USB Fan with Cabinet Mounting Bracket

Excellent cooling solution. Its so hard to find a cheap mounting plate so this is the best I could find. Bought 2 of them for my media server cabinet. I replaced the filter bars with cheap ones from ebay that keep out dust. Fans are very quiet and move decent amount of air. Looks very professional when built into cabinets. USB cords aren’t too long so I needed an extender, but nice to be able to plug 2 of them together to save USB port.

If you need thermal control I would recommend this kit and adding a 4 pack of fans yourself here

This is what it looks like as finished product on my media center

Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black) Review

After some research and trials of different bags, Case Logic SLRC-205 Camera Sling Bag is my current favorite bag to carry my Canon 70D + 50mm Prime + 18-135 IS STM + 70-300 IS lens

It’s very easy carry this bag. It feels very light and the shoulder strap is very comfortable.

In the main compartment, I put my Canon 70D DSLR with 18-135 IS STM lens, this is tight fit but works. A large camera body + lens may have a hard time getting in without removing the neck strap.

In the extra lens pocket I was able to put a Canon 70-300 IS II lens and a Canon 50mm prime lens stacked. The nice little touch about that pocket is it has an elastic band near the bottom. A nice feature is elastic band at bottom of lens case to hold it in tighter.

There is also a spare pocket for small things like memory cards, battery, filters etc. It is more accessible than the side pocket, which is blocked by the tripod holder.

There is a filter pocket. The two filter nets inside it hold 67mm filters fine, though the smaller one is better suited for a 58mm filter.

The tripod holder is a very very nice feature. I have a full-size (62″) tripod that I got on amazon and fits very nicely. There are two velcro strips to hold tripod in without the risk of losing it.

The shoulder strap is very comfortable and well padded.

The interior padding is decent. It’s not super thick, but should be okay for minor impact.

While the zippers secure the bags well, the main compartment has two zippers. ONE OF THEM BROKE WITHIN 2 MINUTES OF USING. I could deal with using one, but the SECOND ONE BROKE THE NEXT DAY. This is the only reason why I knocked it down to 4 stars. I returned mine to amazon and ordered another so hopefully that was just a bad case.

Overall, it’s a very well-designed bag for a small DSLR with 3 lenses (one small and 2 large). Importantly, it is in a compact design with good ergonomics and holds all the crucial items.

– Holds many essential items for daily casual shooting
– Well Built (minus zipper)
– Well thought-out design
– Very accessible pockets
– Excellent value


Review of Legrand CMK30 30-inch Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit

Legrand CMK30 30-inch Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit

Absolutely perfect. Material is very tough so you would probably need electric tool to cut it to your dimensions (I used electric saw). Mounting options are nice and there is plenty of room for my HDMI, ethernet, and power cord.

-Great design
-Flexible mounting options
-Plenty of space for necessary cords
-Very nice look without cords hanging down

-Very strong material so electric tool is most likely needed to cut

Review of Silicon Power 16GB Blaze B30 USB 3.0 Swivel Flash Drive R/W up to 40/20 MB/s, Black (SP016GBUF3B30V1K)

Silicon Power 16GB Blaze B30 USB 3.0 Swivel Flash Drive R/W up to 40/20 MB/s, Black (SP016GBUF3B30V1K)

DO NOT BUY THE 16GB VERSION. The speeds are nowhere near what is reported by other reviews and manufacturer. I returned and bought the 32GB and receiving the high speeds.

The 32GB and 64GB are blazing fast. I am in process of testing speeds and will update soon. Highly recommend those versions, but DONT BUY THE 16GB version!