PoochieBells The Trusted Name in Dog Training Doorbells in Classic Peace Love Dog Design

Moved to NYC apartment and dog no longer knew how to let us know when he needed to go out. He used to scratch glass door because he could see outside. Gave this a try.

This product comes with nice large bells that are easy to hear and has plenty of length to reach even small dogs.

I am very pleased with the quality.

Tip, If you are training your dog with bells, you need to take your dog outside at regular intervals in order to show the dog that they can ring the bell first, then give a treat. This way, they learn that Bells=Treats.

My dog took a couple weeks to learn and now she is loving the fact he can get our attention to take him out when he needs to.

Poochie Bells are a very nice alternative to the frequently handmade and improvised bells at the door, which allow a dog to alert the owner of the need to go out.

Many owners have mentioned their dogs lack a voice when needing to tell them they have to potty.  Often these are the same dogs that bark up a storm when the doorbell rings or they see a person on the sidewalk, yet alerting at the most important time, eludes them.

Poochie Bells solve all those problems.  They are available in many patterns, solids and even leather.  The bells can be adjusted up or down depending on the height of your dog.

The one con was that like some children, it does take some dogs longer to pick up that others, but that is an individual learning curve and in no way the fault of the product. 

Keep in mind that with any training method, consistency by the owner is what will make it a success.  I found that taking the dogs paws and hitting the bell, followed by an immediate opening of the door, at which time I excitedly (some say downright crazy ass fashion) praise the dog, works the best.  Dogs want to please us, and if they get such a great reaction, well then, they had to have done a near miracle, right?

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