How to fix HDCP – Handshake – Sound Muted – issues with Windows Media Center and AV receivers

This is a very common problem in WMC and I have tried to fix this for over 3 years. I have even tried selling old computer parts and switching out stuff to find the issue. Basically it comes down to driver issues, but you will never get it work 100% unless you install Gefen HDMI Detective Plus.

To start, I have Windows 8 with WMC running on HD4600 Graphics card with Onkyo Receiver in between HTPC and Panasonic TV. This has gotten rid of the sound dropping issues, sleep issues, No video card installed, HTCP issues, basically the only thing my wife complained about from switching to HTPC over cable box. This is a must have if your wife complains about stability because we haven’t had to restart computer once in over a month since installing this device.


The awesome thing is that it literally takes a couple minutes to install and then you never have to worry about it again.

The one issue I speak of is the intermittent auto mute upon resume. Go here and I explain how to fix that if you run into this problem.

My Amazon review below

For all those who fought WMC and microsoft to fix the HDCP issues with drivers and updates, this will make all your issues go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So easy to setup – takes 5 minutes
Works perfectly

No idea how this costs $100 (there is cheaper alternative on amazon you could try but this is the most common one)

Just go ahead and pay the $100, you will more than make up the difference by making your wife happy that she doesnt have to restart computer everytime she wants to watch live tv

It seems to be hit or miss on whether my computer starts up muted. Never had this issue before installing device but I dont care as its a simple button to hit on remote.

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  1. So, my issue is that I have very intermittent recordings with WMC. On the same night, some shows record, some don't. When I view recordings, I get some with he correct thumbnails, and some light blue thumbnails (usually means not recorded) file size ends up 512K instead of the usual 6gb per HD show. I’ve rebuilt my machine several times, switched from a CETON Tuner to HD Homerun prime, and lastly, updated to a 1GB video card. My issue persists. I have two errors that appear.
    1. Disk full and
    2. HDCP Error
    I suspect my HDCP error is what’s causing my recordings to fail; not really sure. My TV is a little older and so is my receiver so I have HDMI from the PC directly to the TV and optical audio from the PC directly to my receiver.
    I don’t have any audio issues, only video.
    Do you think this little $100 box could fix the issue? My wife is ok with WMC but hates (and so do i) that fact that the TV shows don’t record 100% of the time. We just don’t trust it and therefore, she hates it.

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